Which guy sounds better?

Jerry is 20 years old. He's a homeless high school dropout who suffers from PTSD. On his first day homeless, ( he used up all his days at the male homeless shelter) Jerry went to the food bank for a bite to eat. Then he spent the rest of the day feeding the birds and volunteering at an animal shelter. Then night came and he was terrified because night reminds him of his childhood where his stepdad used to abuse in every way possible. Jerry was eventually rushed to the hospital for a panic attack then he started sobbing and talking to himself in front of the doctors and nurses. Jerry was also covering his ears.

Eric is 19 years old. He's a homeless college dropout who sometimes steals food and clothes from stores. He panhandles every day and lies in order to get people to give him things. He was eventually able to get a job, but only because he lied.
Jerry does.
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Eric does.
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They both sound awful
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Which guy sounds better?
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