Why white teenager stared at black teenager girl like me?

Hello My name is Molay and I am black female 16 years old, my families have been going to all white church. Anytime I go to churches white kids stared. One time I wear an African dress, white girls and boys stared. There this one white kid who's my age, who constantly stared but don't say much to me only saying,''Hey Molay how you doing today? One day we had breakfast at churches and the same white boy stared constantly and his eye just glared and follow wherever I go, In my head I am thinking did i do anything wrong to these kids, and said why is he staring at me. When I sitting at his table across from him, he just stared while I am eating my food, I tried ignoring him. I got annoyed and pull up and black attitude. ''yes what do you want ''. He said,'' nothing''. I replied ''apparently something , I rolled my eyes''. I joined my churches choir where their all white people and they heard my voice, when the white teenage boy saw me he was surprise to see me and He JUST stared with his sibling while I was singing and sometimes they whisper to each other anytime I started singing and its was making me nervous while I was sing I fidgeting. Anytime he sang he straightening his posture when he's about to sing) when he singing he take last glared at me before he read the lyric of the sheet. Monday he does the same thing crack jokes with his sibling, and i just observed them being goofy and I stayed quiets. He asked me'', Hey Molay how was your day at school''? and I said fined, your? He said,'' good and he repeated that the second time and I told him didn't you just asked me that? everyone laugh and I saw pink on his cheeked but I ignore it. He drop his paper and when I tried to picked it up he grabbed it away from me and cover his face and I looked at him he cover the paper on his face and pull it off his face and he smile and I just said,'' okay. They all laugh and I was uncomfortable in that moment. Everybody laugh accept me all confused.
Why white teenager stared at black teenager girl like me?
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