Guys, Is this tinder guy interested or no?

So he talks to me literally every day always sparking a conversation or something along those lines. he replies to my snapchat stories and i do like him so there's that. he asks how my day was and stuff like that..

I've only known him for 13 days...

I've never really met him but yeah

anyway he asked me to go get coffee and i said


but the day came and he canceled on me bc he said he was really hung over.

so it was fine. he sparked up a convo after and we talked for four hours. as he asked how my day was and everything. today he did the same thing. thats when i asked him'

"do you wanna reschedule or nah"

he said

yesss but he said that he would discuss it later with me as he was doing an essay due at 11:59 today. i kept asking where and what we were gonna do and he was replying normally...

then around 12:30 am he has stopped replying. he has not opened my snap but he has been on snapchat...

so... im confused... if he didn't wanna go he could have said no... why does he hit me up?


AM i exaggerating...
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ill just update here: i was told by a friend he's really nice but also very shy. (we are texting atm too and he ALWAYS starts the convos).

we talk almost every day. i asked his intentions in the very beginning and he said that he doesn't do hookups and wants to see if he vibes w someone
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im really confused as to why he doesn't want to hang out... maybe he's nervous? i told him i parked right by the dorms.. his dorms and he was coming back from somewhere and he took a video of my car LOL...

we werent even talking he just randomly did that hahaha and now we are talking about it and making convo
Guys, Is this tinder guy interested or no?
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