What would you call this behavior?

So this guy, that I use to be involved with. Who I No longer talk with anymore, due to issues in the past between me and I. But every now and then, when he is out on his runs or jogs, he tends to stop near my job. Now don't get me wrong, he can go where ever the he'll he wants. But, it seems like he is trying to get close again or spying on me, or checking up on me. There has been a few times, I caught him outside, on his phone just standing there. And usually when he sees me, he'll leave or walk away. Yes! sometimes, I do feel bad, because I know he wants to either A. speak with me again, or B. sex me again, or whatever. All I know he wants to communicate with me, I think. But I have to keep reminding myself, many reasons why, we aren't talking, and most of this is his fault. But ANYWAYS, moving on. Am I over thinking things with him and his actions, or could it be a reason why he jogs and stands outside my job on his phone?
What would you call this behavior?
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