He has never had a girlfriend, what should I do?

I have been hanging out with this guy for more than a year now and we have never talked about our feelings for each other but it’s obvious that we like each other. We have consistently texted every other day and try to meet up every month to hangout. He even invited me to his bro’s wedding and other fam gatherings. We have never had sex, but a few months ago we cuddled (he was the one who initiated) and from that day he does not text as much. I have tried multiple times to hangout with him recently but he has either avoided the topic or had an excuse. I wanted to confess my feelings to him in person but he has been avoiding me. Is he confused about his feelings? He is 29 and never had a girlfriend. I don’t know what to do.
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Just to add: He’s actually a family friend. It was my cousins who pushed him to slide into my DMs. Lol. I didn’t like him at first but my feelings developed when we started hanging out.
He has never had a girlfriend, what should I do?
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