Does he like me? Mixed signals?

I've known this guy for about a year now, and we go to college together. He's super shy, really quiet, and doesn't really talk to anyone except me. He always jokes around with me calls me "kid" and "clown," but we never hang outside of school. He's a homebody, he really doesn't like school that much, and I always make sure to help him out, even though he makes pretty decent grades. He always praises my academic achievements and really always has my back. My best friend is convinced that he really likes me. He stares at me 24/7, from across the room, sharing a table, anything really. His eyes are constantly on me. It's almost concerning. However, although we usually talk a lot, today I made the effort to look nice and wore contacts, and makeup etc. He barely talked to me, but he stared at me WAY more often than usual. However, he barely made the effort to make conversation to me, ONLY staring. I have noticed that when I dress up or look better than usual, his talking decreases, but his staring increases. (He stares whether I'm dressed up or not, but with dressing up, more often. I get the feeling that he's never had a girlfriend before or really understand how this works. Because he barely talked to me today, does that mean he just likes me as a friend? Especially with calling me "kid?' Also, in one weird instance when all of my friend circle were together and we were talking about marriage and divorce and how assets are split up, he said "If *insert my name here* marries me, then she gets half of everything. I have no idea what is going on. Does he like me? Does he not? Why doesn't he make an effort to talk to me/text outside of class? As soon as class ends, he hurries home, often without saying goodbye. Is he that socially awkward that he doesn't know what to do except stare at me. Or is he afraid to risk our close friendship? I really don't know what to do. I just need to know if he likes me or not.
Does he like me? Mixed signals?
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