Why can't I be like other men 😕?

I know it makes me weak and stupid but i l know its a fact will be alone forever because Im not like all the other guys.

Im extremely afraid of talking to girls first, i can't even text first.. in real life girls make me uncomfortable and for some reason i only feel comfortable when they talk to me first especially if they're friendly, thats how much of a loser i am..

A close female friend few years ago i had when i was still in high school texted me first on Facebook and she was the one who said after some time that we meet in real life, we met and became really close friends

My first girlfriend i had a few years ago came to me first and asked me out

And over the years i had 4 different girls show interest and i ignored because i was too scared to make a move

Im 24 now and know it will never happen that a woman comes to me first again, this is how i know i will never have a girlfriend again, never have a wife because Im too much of a coward
Why can't I be like other men 😕?
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