Am I wrong or right?

Ok, so I’m a trans guy. There are these 2 dudes, one is a friend and the other is just an acquaintance.
Ever since I told the acquaintance that I’m trans, they’ve NEVER gotten my pronouns wrong. However the “friend” misgendered me 3 times in front of other people and made comments such as, “you still act a lot like a girl, because I’m a guy and I know how guys act deep inside” and (referring to himself while we were discussing our music tastes, he said) “I’m a guy!” as if I wasn’t.
The 3rd time that he misgendered me publicly was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak. I was humiliated, hurt and really pissed. I said to them “Fuck you, fuck off and leave me the fuck alone!” I also told them that we weren’t friends anymore.
Do you think I overreacted or not?
Am I wrong or right?
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