Does he like me?

ok so i hate asking this because it makes me feel ridiculous and a little petty. but here i go anyways. so im 13 (dont judge) and so is the guy i just met this year. at first all i thought was he was cute and i didn't actually like him because i already liked this other guy for longer than you probably think. i just recently got over him because he really doesn't like me, but thats another story. this guy is like my dream guy. he's perfect. i have the exact same schedule as him and i am always doing things and partnerships in class with him. i think he likes me because of how he acts around me. he is super nice and playful with every girl but when he's around me (not to sound cocky but it probably will end up sounding like that anyways) he acts more shy and nervous but at the same time he teases me in a really cute way and its adorable. we are in a few group chats together and we dont text often but a few days ago we ended up facetiming for 3 hours and it was the best thing that has happened to me in a while. he was so comfortable but nervous at the same time (you could hear it in his voice) and we played an online game together, we had a lot of laughs together. once my friend exposed me in a group chat telling him that i liked him but i played it off (im used to that stuff lol) and all he said about it was "Whattt" so yeahh. i really hate myself for liking him sometimes because every single girl likes him just a little bit cuz like i said, he's perfect. and it makes me feel like im putting myself above other people for thinking that im good enough that he might actually like me back. anyways i would like a guy's opinion on this. sorry if this is cringey, i know im 13 but i have crushes and what am i gonna do haha
Does he like me?
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