Is he losing interest or is it all in my head?

Okay so the guy I’ve been dating for a while now has just been acting different. When he met me I was big and lost weight. He said this is the most amazing I’ve ever looked. Well he said I don’t dress sexy enough and he would like to see me in sexier more fitted things to show off my body. Okay so I ordered some clothes online and new swimsuits and stuff. He asked me to show him. I know I looked great in the things I bought. I felt so confident. I was so excited to show him and barely got a reaction from him at all. I FaceTimed him and he’s like yea it’s cute. Kind of like whatever about it. And this has been with like the past 10 pictures I sent him. I called him out once and he said it’s just because he doesn’t want to give me a big head. I told him he’s the man I’m talking to so his feedback would be nice. I want him to think I’m sexy and attractive. He doesn’t contact me any less than he has before. He’s always FaceTiming and texting constantly. But he just doesn’t want to give me a compliment or tell me I look nice ever! So I told him I need space because he’s pushing me away. I’m not insecure or needy I just want to feel like he at least finds me attractive. Is that dramatic?
Is he losing interest or is it all in my head?
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