Someone there? I need someone to talk to. Please?

I'm having a hard time right now. I'm in mixed emotions. Why do guys have to make stupid dumb choices? My boyfriend went to do storm chasing.. even though he was fucking tired. He had a long day. , he was hurting , and he has fucking work let's see in 3 fucking hours. And now he barley gonna get any fucking sleep.
I didn't want him to go but he said he always wanted to do this.. they left around 12 and it is 3 :19 am. We video chatted and I was angry , mad , upset at him and eventually said some hurtful things ( he dumb , and etc ) .
He could had done this later when he is off work.
My mind is racing.. what if he got hurt? What If he got killed? What if there was something wrong with the car? And Etc
Do u think I have the right to have this mix emotions? Do I have the right to be mad and upset at him? Etc? Do u think he was dumb to go?
Someone there? I need someone to talk to. Please?
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