Is he having sex with other girl?

So, late at night I was talking with my boyfriend, typical conversation. But the subject change, and we end talking about me getting a surgery for not having kids, so he starts talking about a contraceptive that is supposed to go under your skin, and is like a “birth control” stuff, so he talks about some girls at college having that, and then I just said “but that’s not 100% effective” and he is like “whaaaaaat? Are you serious, oh my god, really?” And I’m like “ yeah” and then he told me that he had sex with this girl like “2 years ago”, unprotected sex, so I told him why did you get so nervous, and why are you so worried? And he just changed subject.. so I really need some advice, because I don’t know if I’m overreacting or this guy really is cheating on me. Why being so worried about something that happened” 2 years ago”?
For sure.
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Is he having sex with other girl?
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