How to take things slow and make him chase?

Me and this guy have been talking for 5 months now, it was going great until the beginning of March. Now I understand at first it’s that exciting feeling and we texted called etc 24/7, around 3 weeks ago he started to leave my messages in delivered for sometimes 18 hours and he’s still taking his time with leaving me on delivered. This got me mad, so I confronted him about it.

Our argument got dragged out for days and eventually he told me “I don’t have that strong feelings for you” and he told me that he started feeling like that when I was nagging about him being so inactive, which was about a week ago. Yesterday he called me and he said “you’re acting like I’m your man, I told you from the start I want to take it slow and see where it takes us”.

Now I really want to take it slow with him, but I don’t know how. Do I act hard to get? What does that mean? Leave him on delivered for hours and act uninterested? I really don’t know. Please help. Also, I know I should not have nagged and argued about it since we aren’t together. I know, and I apologized about that. Now I don’t know how to make him chase me again. What do I do? Help
How to take things slow and make him chase?
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