Should I text him again after no reply?

I recently tried finding a guy on tinder. I matched with a guy i found attractive and started talking we talked for about 2 weeks nonstop everyday. We would FaceTime almost 5 times a day and then we decided to go on a date. The date went pretty great and we ended up having sex. He said he was gonna come visit me every week.

after that I felt that he was becoming distant. We went from talking everyday to barley even talking. Everyday before this I would get good morning messages and then one day I didn’t so I decided to send it I went the whole day waiting when I finally got a text back after that it went silent again until I decided to confront him. I sent him a message say that if he was going through something it was ok but if he had lost interest in me he could tell me so I could move on. I never got an answer. It was a month until I got a text from him with only one word “bro”. I decided to text back with a “what’s up”. I didn’t get a response again. I don't know if I should text him again or just leave it be. I really did like him but apparently he didn’t like me. 😞
Should I text him again after no reply?
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