Is this guy interested in me or just being friendly?

This dude is super hot, definitely out of my league. I trained him at work and we hit it off, we could joke and talked about our family/friends right away. We teased each other a little bit but I wouldn't say anything flirty. They put him with another trainer the next day and my boss told me he was disappointed and said he hoped to be put back with me because I was cool. Anyway, by the end of the night we were together again because the other girl left. Like I said we hit it off, but I didn't think it was anything romantic. One of my coworkers saw us talking and said if she didn't know any better she would have thought we were dating. I've noticed he compliments kinda often, usually on my nails, hair, or what I'm wearing. He always notices when I come in, he'll either lock eyes with me if it's during a meeting or come over and say hi. He also notices when I'm not there and will say something about it, (like "yesterday was boring without you"). But again, when we talk we don't really flirt, we laugh and joke but it's just friendly. Still, the stuff I've mentioned makes me think he may have an interest but he's not made any moves to get to know me outside of work, Snapchat, phone number, except talk about hanging out but I think he was kidding and he's not said anything since. What do you think?
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Is this guy interested in me or just being friendly?
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