What do I do, me and my boyfriend had a row?

my boyfriend of 3 years and I had an argument yesterday and because he mis understood what i was saying then he started being horrible and saying shall we end this and i said no and then he started being nasty saying your just stupid and stuff like that all because he misunderstood what i was saying but he has said shall we just break up loads of times before so i dont take anything he says seriously anymore tbh, and then he deletes me off fb and removes our relationship status, but keeps our photos on his instagram, he hasn't spoken to me all day, i have a feeling i know why he has deleted me off fb, he has said something to me in the past about the fact i dont have a dp, and he feels like he talking to a ghost so he's probably made that the reason he's done that :/ he keeps looking at my stories on instagram.

Do you think he's just mad and needs time to calm down or what?
What do I do, me and my boyfriend had a row?
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