How to tell if a guy is into me?

So basically, I've been friends with this guy for almost a year now and we've become really close friends. We say good morning and good night to each other and talk everyday. We play videogames together and we even call each other late at night. when someone says something rude or mean he steps in and tells them to back off. He's really gentlemanly and sweet. When his guy friends joke around about having a six pack or something similar he glances over at me subtlety. he also teases me about my height because there's like a 7 inch height difference. he also has been asking me "who do you like?" over snap for literally forever, and he kind of found out i like him, so Sometimes he jokes around with me asking "I love you, do you love me?" or something similar which a bit annoying since i blush really easily. I can't tell if he's just messing around as a friend or if he's flirting with me.
How to tell if a guy is into me?
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