Is she playing hard to get or is she not interested?

I met a girl at a bar 4 weeks ago around St Patrick's day (mid-week). She's quite attractive and intelligent. This is a combination I've been seeking for some time and I do like her.

I asked her if she wanted to meet for dinner the next day and she said she couldn't, I suggested the day after that again as an alternative and then she admitted that she was away in another city for the whole weekend...

I left her be and didn't contact her to avoid looking desperate.

She got in touch with me on the Monday. We set-up a date for the Thursday but she cancelled that morning suggesting that she might be able to still meet at a later time that same evening. I said no problem but if it really suited her the later time would be okay with me. In the end she made her apologies but cancelled completely.

I'm no fool and I know the drill so I didn't chase her and left a few more days slide by before trying again... Ultimately, I was quite curt with her by text and left the ball in her court.

We finally met up again in the same bar by prior arrangement but not on a date as such, we were both out with our own friends.

She told me that she had identified a "flaw" in her personality in that she only was interested in guys who treat her mean and that it was only when nicer guys actually had enough of her BS that she got interested in them... I straight-up told her that was very off-putting and, in a sense, was treating her mean in so doing! ;)

That Saturday night finished and we went our seperate ways.

There was no contact until I sent her a text the following Wednesday (last week). I suggested a drink. She replied asking if the message was for her and in the ensuing text conversation she said she thought we were done because she had been obnoxious and that we'd gotten off on the wrong foot. Bear in mind that I'd only met her twice ever at this point. She tried to make our 'date' coincide with another night her friends were out but I said that I'd prefer to see here one-on-one for a change to see if she was a little more mellow!

She said to leave it with her and in the afternoon of the proposed meet she contacted me to say she'd blown off her friends and would meet me on her own... This was last Friday.

We met in a quiet bar. Conversation flowed. Drink was had but I felt her body language said 'no'... We discussed how she was still a bit emotional about her ex boyfriend. They broke up 15 months ago but he still gets in touch and it wasn't helping her... but she did stress it was over.

She's 28. I'm 35. We're both in good shape and have robust debates and discussions. Basically, I think we're well matched...

We ended up back at mine and had sex. I didn't want it to move like that but it just did.

We were in touch over the weekend but didn't meet as she was studying for a course this week and was stressed about it.

I didn't pressure her...

I'd like to meet her for dinner next Friday but I texted /offered last.

How do I play this? Is she interested?
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What I am asking is whether I should contact her or leave her contact me. To be honest, I've done more than my fair share of chasing on this one but I'd love to have another date with her lined-up for Friday.

She should out of decency contact me by Thursday, latest... However, in the absence of that, is it cool for me to contact her again on Thursday evening or am I being too nice /foolish if I initiate again?

Me contacting her again isn't exactly "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen"...
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Ok, I sent her a text on Thursday. Didn't hear back... and assumed that was that. Then, I get a text last night (Sunday) so a 3-day delay... Contents of text: "Hey G, very sorry for very delayed response... stayed up in Dublin for weekend. Hope you're good".

Any thoughts on this? Should I bother replying..?

Is she playing hard to get or is she not interested?
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