Why would a man do this?

Hello so i have a online friend we started talking to each other last year we live in different countries, have a 8 years age gap but a looot in common it's like he's me but man haha, he always have been a very nice person, very caring, friendly and sweet he always told me how much he appreciated our friendship and how nice and funny i am, he even was the first to mention a meeting, he said he loved me first, We had a super good connection but unfortunately we never asked each other personal things ( like job, real name etc...) we only talked about random things and about each other days and our commun interests and that's was amazing, for months everyday we talked to each other in the same time but one day he started to not reply my texts and I promise that I didn't said anything that could let he sad or angry with me, but he stopped and I slowly stopped to reply everything his posts because I thought that I maybe was bothering or making he believe I am 24h there to him and we slowly started distancing, there is 4 months that we stopped to talk and he don't care he even made a friends groupchat and didn't added me he's not obligated to ofc but I was one of the first friends he made there I thought that he would have some consideration but okay, one day I made friendship with one of his male friends and he started to like my things again, I didn't understood why but he didn't replied me at dm, why is he doing this? I like him so much, I am really sad I really don't understand why he said all those things and made plans and in the other day just started ignoring me.
Why would a man do this?
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