I hope I'm not being oblivious about him?

Let's assume there's this guy, and let's assume that he's been acting like this towards me:

Kinda nervous sometimes but definitely tries to impress, stares at me and basically right into my soul, kinda closes in on the personal distance a litttttttle bit sometimes, is being empathetic and kind and helpful, is being emotionally vulnerable, blushes around me, looks at me a lot and knows when I'm looking at him too, smiles to himself and laughs and giggles when I do, kinda imitates the way I talk, tries to reach out to me and gets a tiny bit pissed when I take too long to answer (which genuinely just can happen, people). I honestly have the feeling he sometimes catches the right moment and positions himself in a place where he knows I'll pass by and then he either waves at me or pretends not to notice me, but he knows I can see him.

Would it be safe to say that said guy is basically "courting" me?
I hope I'm not being oblivious about him?
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