I think he forgot about me?

So I've been dating this guy for half a year now but unfortunately due to this pandemic I haven't seen him for almost two months and we are not in the same country. I only have good things to say about this man he was by my side when I needed the most and always treated me like a queen. Also we never had a fight during the time we've been together and we used to be very close to each other. During the first weeks apart from each other everything seemed quite okay we used to text/video call each other often. Then something changed our dynamic has changed and I started feeling him a bit more distant every day to the point that he would spend a day without texting me even though I could see him online. Tired of this situation I decided to open my heart to him and told him what I was thinking and also admitted I was falling in love for him. He said he wasn't expecting me to be so honest and told me to give him some time to give me a proper response. Four days have passed and I never heard back from him. I'm feeling extremely anxious and I obviously want to call him or text him. Are there any chances that he forgot about me or is he still thinking on what to say?
I think he forgot about me?
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