I’m confused... What is guys intentions?

So i’ve known this guy for a really long time, our fam used to be close we never really talked at all i didn’t even think he knew i existed until our senior year (2 years ago) one day he messaged me & followed all my social medias & we started talking he was super sweet & we would talk almost every day our convos were pretty innocent after a while we both started getting bolder & bolder... now i’ll occasionally send him booty pics (because i choose to... he always tells me they’re his fav but i don’t believe him LOL) i find it pretty odd he’s never asked me for a nude? (he is that type of guy) he’s exposed girls pics b4 but he’s never exposed any of my booty pics? i would’ve expected him to anyway now we usually text all night till about 5 am sometimes for 2-3 days in a row he’s the one who always initiates the convo (ive never txted first cause i hate it) sometimes we’ll go for like 1-2 weeks without talking (maybe he’s trying to see if i’ll initiate the convo for once?) recently, like i’ve said we’ve gotten more comfortable & bolder with each other, he’s asked me twice to have sex with him (it’s never happened because things just wouldn’t workout) i told him i wasn’t comfortable doing it with his family home because i personally know them & getting caught would be so embarrassing... but he doesn’t get upset when it doesn’t happen & he’s not persistent with me... usually guys pressure me or get upset when i say no or make an excuse but he doesn’t... he's definitely been in bed with a lot of girls (they’re all super pretty) he can definitely get whoever he wants & he definitely knows it! tons of girls are all over him because he’s super good looking lol he was they guy everyone wanted in hs so i’m just confused as to why he keeps talking to me why hasn’t he ghosted me? i would’ve expected him to stop taking to me by now since we never had sex & seeing all the girls he's talked 2 i’m not his type so i’m confused as to why he hasn’t stopped talking to me
I’m confused... What is guys intentions?
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