Real reason my ex boyfriend calls me "CRAZY"?

I had a talk with my ex boyfriend about how much he hurt when we were together.

He basically tried shifting the blame saying that he had told me what he wanted ( his head it's friends with benefits) but really that was for me to be his girlfriend but then said I had the girlfriend mindset.

Thing is he apologized and admitted that he lied, used me and he was selfish but somehow the calling me crazy will always be there.

I told him that I'll feel like he puts me in a box and labels as "Crazy" and has been telling people that.

I realized that he only wants to remember and believe what he wants and not the truth.

Now he wants us to be friends and acts like he never treated me horribly. Told me he'll take a step back so I can do my thing but I know it's him saying "I'll come back after a while and try again". I think he thinks so little of me and calling me "Crazy" is his way of letting me know.

Why do men hurt women , act like the victims then call us crazy?
Real reason my ex boyfriend calls me "CRAZY"?
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