Why does he do this?

So about 2 years ago I had a very very ugly breakup, I blocked this guy for about 6 months until I felt I was over him because it felt like keeping him blocked was still kinda like giving him attention or something like that. So that same day, only hours after I unblocked him, he answered one of my stories on Instagram saying, “It surprised me that you unblocked me”. This is the only text I read and answered with, “I didn’t do it to talk to you again, I did it because I’m over you”. Every now and then he would keep answering my stories but I never replied or opened chat again.

That went on for about 4 months, until he started following me and liking my posts. At that point it was getting annoying so when I was doing a New Years social media clean up lol, I changed my account to private and eliminated him from my followers. Till this point I really had gotten over him, I never checked is profile, never read his messages, nothing. My life went on and around that time was actually when I was definitely living my best life just traveling, going out with friends, family or other guys. It’s been about a year from that and out of nowhere he sent me a friend request on Facebook this week, I opened up the profile just in case it was someone else but it was definitely him, so I just ignored it and a few hours later when I was checking other notifications his friend request was gone lol. Why do people do this? Is it just like a “hey remember me? Don’t forget about me”. I even got a glimpse on his profile when he sent the friend request that he’s in a relationship! And he’s definitely not the type of guy that’s friends with his exes.
Why does he do this?
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