What makes a guy change from creepy to normal?

There's this new guy at my job - during this first few weeks he had this habit of staring at me, making extended eye contact, and undressing me with his eyes, or checking me out very obviously. I honestly thought this was creepy as hell and ignored him, as no one should be looking at a coworker like that, especially when you've never spoken to them. But not long ago he actually approached me and asked my name and showed interest in me as a person, like what my job was, what my background was, etc. In other words, he acts like a normal, non-creepy person now, and after getting to know him I don't think he's a half-bad guy. But why the change though? In my experience creepy guys normally always stay creepy. What prompted this guy to actually talk to me like a person rather than stare at me like a piece of meat like he was before?
What makes a guy change from creepy to normal?
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