Is this a mythical demon or just nightmares?

So I sleep over at my boyfriend's most nights and sometimes he'll have bad dreams but he's not really afraid anything. The only thing that scares him is that he can't remember what they were about.

So last night we went to sleep. I'm a light sleeper, and around 5am I just feel shuffling, and I hear him go “did you hear that?” and suddenly he sits up jumps over me and out of bed. He runs to turn in the night and is breathing heavily and is confused saying he heard screaming. He asked me if I saw anything in the corner. I was too tired to be afraid and look and there was nothing there but a pillow, next he asked me to check under the bed bc he couldn't see without his contacts (I thought that was cute). I looked and nothing there. I asked him what happened and he said he heard an ear piercing scream and when he opened his eyes he saw something black scurring from the corner closest to him and under the bed. He checked again, turned off the light and got in bed. This morning he woke up thinking everything was all a realistic dream-including the part about waking up at 5am.

What's going on with my dude?
Is this a mythical demon or just nightmares?
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