Why is my ex like this with me?

I told him so many times to leave me alone and he’d beg me saying “no.” And to call and how I need to be with him again. He’ll always text me I try to ghost him he’ll then trouble text me so much. Then he’ll be like he needs to talk to me, I call and he tells me how much he loves me and wants to get married to me and planning future with me, when I say “that ain’t happening.” He’ll get mad and say “don’t say that u love me.” He said he went to jail cause of me as I drive him crazy so he punched the police as soon as he got out he contacted me even tho we broke up as he cheated and fucked up twice. He keeps telling me now how much he’s changed and how much he loves me. It’s like he’s obsessed I’d feel bad blocking him tho cause I still care and he might do something stupid if I block him. Why is he like this with me? He gets angry when I tell him I like someone abd says I just have to like him and to stop talking to other guys. Like wtf is this?
1 y
He also said that he’s addicted to me which I found very strange. And can’t forget me.
Why is my ex like this with me?
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