Guy being angry on text out of the blue?

There's this guy who I've gotten close to over the last few months. Many of our friends assumed that we both liked each other but we never shared our feelings. Recently, we were talking on social media where he made an excuse to hurt me - based on the conversation you could tell that he was angry. When I asked him where this was coming from he ignored it and acted as if everything was normal - even said how he's confused and if Im actually upset by it he would apologise. Even though I told him that I was upset his apology was not genuine whatsoever.
My theories on why this happened was because before we went into quarantine our flatmate kissed both my friend and I and ofc that guy told him which led him to being angry. I'm not sure whether this is true but I can't think of any other situations because we always left a convo in good terms. However, surely he can't be angry at me for getting involved in that situation when I had no idea of his feelings for me (or if he even has any). I don't know but please send opinions or advice!!!
Guy being angry on text out of the blue?
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