Stranger guy always smiling at me?

There's this guy who works in a butcher shop. One day (2 years ago circa) the bus I was on was waiting at a red light, I was looking out of the window and overthinking, I probably had a lost look on my face and without realizing it I was staring towards his direction (the shop is righ next to the traffic light). This guy smiled at me and I think I smiled back, we have kinda started this thing and since I often walk past his shop I usually turn around, we look at each other and just smile. I hadn't gone in that area since the beginning of March probably, however I've started going for walks again since Monday and I've been walking right by his shop everyday. He always smiles at me and today I did it first, he smiled back and said hi, I waved hello. Why is it happening according to you and do you think it's weird or creepy if I decide to step foot in the shop and actually talk/say hi to him in person? Mind you he's a complete stranger, we just have this thing.
Stranger guy always smiling at me?
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