Boyfriend went to a friend's house tonight and they offered him Ketamine?

My boyfriend has always expressed how much he hates drugs so a part of me wants to just stop thinking about the possibilities but then again, he's barely responded to any of my texts and he's still not home even though he left here around 2pm and it's now 2am.
So he went and bought a bottle of Jack. He texted me around 6 and asked how everything was going here. I said fine and asked him if he was enjoying himself. He said not really and that he regretted going there as soon as he showed up. he's a homebody and really doesn't like hanging out with people unless they come here. Fast forward about 2hours later. He texts me and says that he is trying to not drink too much and states that he has passed on quite a few shots of whiskey so he can drive home. Then he texts and says that his buddy offered him Ketamine but he turned it down.
He calls me around 10:30pm and says they are all going to taco bell and asked me if I wanted him to pick me up anything when he was there. He sounded sober. 2 hours pass and he still wasn't home so I texted him and told him that I was going to bed and that he could just stick my food in the fridge. He just now texted me back and said "I just dont want to drive drunk. I love you." 2 hours after I sent him the text... I know his drunk texts pretty well at this point and he does not sound drunk at all. Like I said, even when he called me he sounded sober. he's the type where even if he has one drink you can tell instantly because be starts talking 100% different than normal.
I guess I am kind of curious if you guys think maybe he did take the ketamine.. I'm not familiar with the drug and have no idea what effects it has on someone. All I know is that he definitely did not sound drunk nor was he acting drunk, yet he stopped contact for hours before responding to my texts and claims he doesn't want to drive drunk. I think information is being withheld but I'm not sure.
Boyfriend went to a friend's house tonight and they offered him Ketamine?
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