He stopped initiating conversation. What does this mean?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me 3 months after over 3 years of us being together. Since the breakup he has been messaging me every couple of days to check in and to ask how I'm going. Since breaking up we have also had coffee a couple of times and hung out as if nothing changed.

Last weekend he messaged me asking me how I'm doing and everything is going and I replied per normal. He was the last person to respond but his messaged wasn't one that needed a reply. Pretty much since Monday we haven't exchanged messages or spoken. Although its only been 6 days, I am a bit worried because this is the longest in almost 4 years that he and I have gone without talking.

I just want to check, why did he suddenly stop getting in touch? Why is he not initiating contact like before? Did I do something? I have been respecting his space so I haven't initiated any conversation.

P. S: if it wasn't obvious, I want us to work things out and get back together.
He stopped initiating conversation. What does this mean?
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