Family problems, what should I do?

Hey guys.. I am 16 years old, I live in my mums house with my older brother, my parents got divorced when I was 7 I think and he moved out in a flat in that year. After that we still had contact but of course less. I have to admit I really was young when this all happend... but he really acted like an asshole... he spat on my mother, offended her and talked bad about her in front of us.
Within the years we had less contact and I really didn't enjoy to be at his place at the weekend, he often shouted at me and I (young and dumb 10 year old kid) often cried in that time and often called or texted my mum.. my brother also was treated by him like I was.
One day he had a discussion with my brother (he was 15) and my father ended the conversation with the words "your sister can stay here but you will leave". We both left immediately and I was so disappointed and hurt by his words... my brother and I are very close.. but we both forgave him... but of course we didn't forget about all the shit that happend in the past.
When I was 13 I texted him that I don't want to be at his place anymore and I explained a lot why I didn't want that... He answered "I think nobody has the right to treat me like that, if you have learned how to treat me in a respectful way you can come to me again". I was so hurt and after that our relationship was more difficult than it has ever been... I didn't visit him anymore, I still don't. He sometimes wanted or wants to meet me and in the past I sometimes said yes and we met, but then I realized that he hasn't changed and that he always hurts me and it feels like he wants to hurt me because he knows how.
I haven't seen him for months and If I see him I don't know what to say... yes he is my "father" but I don't know him and he doesn't know me and sometimes I think I acted wrong in the past because of course I sometimes miss the imagination of having a loving father... but if we have contact it always ends with me being hurt and crying..
Family problems, what should I do?
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