Guys, We stay up all night texting until 7am at least 5 out of 7 days of the week. Is he into me?

Side note: about a week ago he randomly said out of nowhere "I would rather be friends with you than date". absolutely fair, that is cool and I believed him. And the day before that I asked him indirectly if we were flirting and he said no. Fair. But he calls me by a pet name "monkey" among other various names we constantly call each other and we will spend hours calling each other different variations of "silly goose", "bean", "stinky" and stuff like that. He messages me while he plays video games which distracts him and he messes up game matches and pisses our friends off. We stay up a majority of nights talking nonsense all night and some deep conversations sparingly but not a whole lot, they are just more random and we usually text until 6-8am and then he goes to work. He messages me during work too. We have been like this for at least 3 weeks. We went to high school together a few years ago (he is a year below me) we did not get along and our 'thing' is constantly taking the piss out of each other and insulting and mocking each other. After a year of no contact I'm back in contact with him and our friends and we continued doing this and accidentally got kind of close and now it is a routine to ruin our sleep schedule together. He teases me and says he doesn't want to "devastate me" by going to bed and that he can handle no sleep whenever I ask why he doesn't just sleep because he has a job. Our mutual friend told me this seems SUPER flirty for him and says I should still be open to him liking me but he already denied flirting so I have no idea what is happening? ( we are texting right now even) AND he messages me before I wake up while he is working to initiate the communication for the rest of the day.

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Whenever i ask him if he is sleepy when we are texting he denies it even though he is and sometimes even falls asleep shortly after, its like he is fighting to talk to me for some reason.
Guys, We stay up all night texting until 7am at least 5 out of 7 days of the week. Is he into me?
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