Do you tend to look up a lot of things on Google?

I dunno if it's just me or just a small number of people that bring up weird Google history selections up when I type why is.. And suggestions like why is my poo green come up?
Anyhow it got me thinking like I am too dependant on Google as a resource. If the internet died I'd be f@#cked. Most people prior to the Internet's development read books I mean intensively and they remembered that shit. I had a professor in university who was probably my hardest professor who grilled us for not doing enough work? His standards were relatively harder than anybody and all my colleagues including himself agreed. He'd expect us to study consistently everyday (and for most uni students this doesn't happen lol).
Do you think because the answer is at your finger tips it makes us more complacent? Or is this something nobody else has realised?
I use Google a lot
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Do you tend to look up a lot of things on Google?
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