Very complicated situation with a guy I really like?

So there's this guy I really like and think is very attractive.

For a year now he's been looking in my direction, looking into my eyes often, glancing at me, turning around to look at me, checking my body out but recently he's been looking at my face mostly.

Like he raises his head to look at me and after a couple seconds gets back to reading something on the phone. I enter a room and he just is the first to notice me.

happened numerous times. He smirked once when he saw me but I wasn't looking at him. He just noticed me and smirked.

Speaking of our interactions, when a guy friend teased me in class he was smiling continuously and innocently.

He told me as I was passing by my shoelaces were untied as he was checking me out.

Two times I entered his class to ask for something he responded also while staring at me uncontrollably and checking me out.

I didn't appear very friendly though :-( like smiling and stuff.

And latest interaction when I tried to talk to him like appear and probably give him a chance, I asked for a questionnaire and his class friend asked him to do it and he did but he never said anything.

Just glanced at my eyes then lips when I said something to his friend when I was talking about the questionnaire.

I get the feeling that he just won't speak to me. I don't think I made him angry. When I talk to someone else he listens eagerly.

He always paid attention to me when I talked. And his friend started smiling at me like his face hurts whenever I appear suddenly.

When walking down the stairs he and my crush just stand silently and look at me. Took deep breaths when they saw me a couple of times too.

Yes, I'm single. He got a girlfriend a couple of months ago that has hair like mine but different body built.

But the fact he's taken doesn't stop him from looking at me. Why did he get a girlfriend if he likes me? Why won't he talk to me?

He's mostly that confident bad boy but he just can't interact with me and in a way other than staring.
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Yes I know very complicated indeed, but any useful advice would be appreciated :) like why would he stares at me like this for so long?
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updating, any more opinions?
Very complicated situation with a guy I really like?
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