Why is my best guy friend distancing from me?

  • So we became friends about a year ago, and off the bat we had established that we would always be platonic friends. We tell each other lots of things, and I go to him for advice a lot, including advice on other guys. He has also listened to all my relationship problems with my ex-boyfriend, and he has always been incredibly supportive. He tells me about cute girls and I have no trouble giving him advice, and I often tease him for it, but that's just normal. We also talk about deeper things, like life and philosophy, and I really feel connected to him as a person.
  • About a month ago, he stopped answering my calls and stopped texting me. This occurred after a facetime we had, which was quite normal since we literally just talked about volcanoes, and it lasted for several hours into the night, which is also normal for us. The next few days, when I would facetime him or text him like usual, he would only respond with a text saying "do you need something?" which is quite hurtful, like he assumes I need something out of him, when I am just wanting to talk to him as a close friend.
  • The thing is, this is really hard on me because I believed he would always be there for me. He has also stated that he thinks I know him the best out of all of his friends, male friends included. We do flirt sometimes, and he often calls me pretty, but it's never serious. I don't want to date anyone for a while, and he decided to only date to marry (and I plan to not marry anyway), so it's not like we're compatible. He has told me how he's talking to some new girls he met in his classes, but I honestly don't know why he would stop talking to me because I was never a girl who wanted to date him. We never had any other motives, other than a strong friendship. Also, I have already asked him if anything was wrong, if he was stressed, or if I did anything he didn't like, and he just said no to all of them. Therefore, I am thoroughly confused.
Why is my best guy friend distancing from me?
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