Why are some so delusional when it comes to getting women?

I know how shallow this may sound and I've had this problem myself but my middle sister is a eight and is attracting all serious ones

a lot of it has to do with the environment she is in. She doesn't really get chances to meet men more up to her standard and doesn't have the confidences to go after them types either.

My sister takes serious care of her body and is always working out and eating clean. When she's not doing that she's either doing her art work what she's crazy good at or working 9 to 9, 3 days a week.

Its like one creepy stalker after another with her and its mainly because she's to nice to tell them to fuck off. She's just got rid of this guy who was standing at the end of our street waiting for her most days. He wasn't bad looking or a loser his attitude was just disgusting and intitled.

My sister never approached or asked anything from him but every time she rejected him, he wouldn't take no for a answer and made her feel bad everytime she didn't want to talk to him or hang out with her. she doesn't own him anything and he's not intitled to her.

Unfortunately there's a new guy stalking her now but she is being very direct with him but she has no interest. I used to go school with him. His nickname is pigeon, because he looks like a pigeon. His Facebook is full of him at house partys trying to act like a gangster at like 5ft 5 and smoking weed. He looks so unhealthy and he is a total loser if im completely honest.

He acts like a total f boy and messaged her on fb without even knowing her personally. Hed just seen her around at work. He asked her out, she said no and accepted it at first but all he's ever doing now is trying to guilt trip her into spending time with him and making out like she's a stuck up bitch because she says no.

For example he'll ask her if she wants to go out for a walk outside of work and when she says no he asks why and she say because she doesn't want to. He'll say stuff like "so you don't want to be my friend then?
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I've met so many guys like this and they piss me off so much. They can't take no for answer and just move on. They will go after the prettiest girl and guilt trip her and play the feel sorry for me game because I'm a fat loser and if you say no to hanging out to me your a shallow stuck up bitch

she's her own person and no one is intitle to her time. These men are not her responsibility and she never asked for them to come into her life.
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Me and my older sister saw him whilst queuing to go in Tesco's the other day. He was on the opposite side of the road going into the pet shop whilst stairing at us. I said to my sister whilst he was stairing at us "dont make it obvious but that creepy lad whose been texting Katie is over there stairing at us". She made it pretty obvious we were talking about him.

The next morning he text my middle sister (Katie) saying we were "pure stairing" at him and i said something about him.
Why are some so delusional when it comes to getting women?
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