What did he mean by saying that?

So this guy wanted my Snapchat and I gave my user to him, then when he added he sent me snaps and I just replied with no snaps, then he kept asking if I could send him some snaps but I wasn’t feeling good and insecure so I said no not right now.

Then two days later I sent him a bunch of snaps of my face and all he replied was,

“Oh gosh” “you look great”

I asked if I should send snaps with filter or no filter then he was like “you don’t really need a filter”

What did he mean by that? Am I pretty without a filter or do I kinda need a filter? he thought I was super cute and pretty when I sent him pictures from my gallery but I’m scared what if I looked different in those snaps. (Btw I only sent one snap with a filter while the rest is without)

Does he think I’m ugly?
What did he mean by saying that?
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