Should I be worried about this guy?

Its a really long story but back when i started my new school. I came across this guy called Joe. As soon as i walked through the gates he wouldn't stop staring at me. I thought he was really hot but my friends soon informed me who he was and i lost all interest in him.

He already had a girlfriend in sixth form and had told everyone about their sex life. Hed constantly make out with her in front of me and follow me home. It was so embarrassing and awkward. He bullied a disabled boy and would pretend to be his friend whilst laughing at him behind his back which made me lose all faith in him as i was in learning support with that boy and i thought he was possibly lining me up for his next victim.

But i was wrong, he was genuinely obsessed with me to the point it was unhealthy. Hed follow me around school. Ask people about me, try talking to me and he was really nervous when he did. He'd stair at me through my classroom windows.

Hed sit next to me at any chance he got and once flimed me walking up the stairs without me knowing. He dumped his girlfriend and when i rejected him, he dated a friend of mine to get closer to me but soom dumped when she said she wasn't teady for sex.

It all end with his ex girlfriend having a massive fight with him in front of the whole school over me and her crying and moving to a different town. He basically sent her crazy.

I've had to deal with him on and off for years. We ended up going college together at one point and hed follow me to the carpark to him following me in nightclubs.

Now he's just started his new job working on security in my local supermarket so he's the first face i see when i come in and when i leave. He can also watch me at the self service and see what im buying.

He didn't bother me when i came in, one of his friends i also hate works there and used to hit girls and think it was funny and would bully my best friend. But anyway i caught him staring at me and i got really scared and avoided eye contact with him the whole time
1 y
I don't even see what he sees in me. He could get a way prettier girl if he cleaned up his act but he's never had a girlfriend since the drama with me.
1 y
He took my rejection really badly as well. I told him he was a creep and id never date him ever. He ran off and i think he started to cry.

I don't understand why he thinks we would be so good together. We did have a instant connection as soon as we made eye contact and it was really spooky but he surely didn't think we'd end up together. We have similar interests but we are completely different when it comes to personality and values.
Should I be worried about this guy?
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