Help me understand this guy?

He is very manipulative person. He manipulates everyone... his wife, all friends, acquaintances...
I know that and he admitted it to me, but he said he's not doing it in evil way. He says it's fun to control people and that they don't know it.
There is this quote that describes him perfectly: "It's not about who's real to your face; it's about who stays loyal to your back" (and he did prove, so many times to be loyal to me).

We talk a lot and when I tell him not to do this to me he says that I'm not fair and that it's the way he is and he's doing it from childhood and that I don't know how he enjoys when he, because of my simplycity, can controle me with such ease.
I told him that I will never again tell him anything and he said: "You don't need to talk when you tell me everything with either look, behaviour, gesture. You handed me the keys to your thoughts very short after we first met".

He told me once that I'm the most important to him (in a bussines way)... and he acts like that. He is ready to ditch some people for me (I know he would do it in a way that it would look as if they walked away by themselves). I said I'm mad at myself for bitching about something all the time and that I don't wan't to be like that. He said that I don't bitch about anything, that I'm just in constant battle and how that is not necessary and not to worry about anything because all is going to be ok. No one can replace me and that it looks like in the end it is going to be just me and him, like when we started".

I don't know what to think about him. He never gave me any reason to walk away. When I don't text him back right away he asks me if I'm mad at him for something. Last time when I was in a bad mood he said that he has a feeling he is to blame for my reluctance.
I realy don't want to be like that, but I'm confused like hell. What are his plans... I asked so many times: "why me?", he avoids answering.
Help me understand this guy?
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