Is this guy into me or not?

Okay so I’m back in my home town because of quarantine and corona virus. I have been bored so I downloaded bumble. I just so happened to match with the star football player and it boy from my hs... he was a grade above me and probably had no idea i even existed in hs. He immediately was responding the day we matched kept gassing me up telling me how pretty I am as an flirting and everything, he then followed me on insta and snap... I have acted oblivious about knowing who he is for the record. He also told me he was bragging to his friends about me and then sent me their convo... He also immediately liked a bunch of my insta pics, and has been one of the the first to like my 2 new ones i posted today and yesterday. It’s been like two days since we matched and he is now suddenly awful at communication and will snap me maybe once a day or leave me on open for hours and then respond, I’m guessing when he’s bored. I’m just confused whether he’s into me or trying to be a player and acting like he’s not. I’m awful at reading between the lines. Like if he wasn’t interested why would he still be liking my stuff and putting in the slight effort he does?
Is this guy into me or not?
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