Is it okay for men to show their emotions?

I don't much hide my emotions as I've come to believe that doing so will only make them worse and eventually, they will come out and with quite a vengeance from being bottled up for so long. However, I do prefer to do so in private if possible when experiencing sorrow, such as when my dog of 12 years, Katie died last year, and very recently, my fiancee died on Monday, as many of you may know. If doing it in private is made impossible, I try to restrain slightly and don't make a lot of noises, but I'm not always able to help it. I got in my car and drove to a private area and screamed, tears rushing down my face like a waterfall when my fiancee died. I don't view myself as weak at all for how I cried and screamed at all because I loved her so much. I believe all men should be encouraged to at the very least not bottle up their emotions as doing so will have terrible short and long term effects on them, as seems to be the case with the rates of suicide, drug use, and mental illnesses being untreated that we see in men that isn't reflected in women. Do you believe men should show their emotions more?
Is it okay for men to show their emotions?
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Is it okay for men to show their emotions?
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