Whats happening guys?

Lately my friends with benefits be acting strange. Just right about now. He called me it's 1 am in the morning. His texts was off all day but I didn't still care about it, I know he will probably text me back tomorrow. He called me asking how my day was and asked if I missed him? So I said yeah I did and he was laughing/smiling.
I don't know why he is like this but he doesn't want anything more but he calls and checks on me like I'm important. I caught feelings for him.
And what suprised was I was just thinking about him and our moments and boom my phone rang and it was him. I was smiling but all this excitement and feelings but we are just fucking.

I wonder why he decided to call. He could've just text me the next day saying what he said now. He has signal problems but he wanted to still talk.
What do y'all think?
Whats happening guys?
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