Why is he sending me nudes already?

I met a guy online- he seemed really laid back and cool, and was super easy to talk to. We talked for maybe 2-3 weeks and within the first few days (of essentially just small talk) he was snapchatting me about wishing I was there to cuddle. I didn’t think much of it, but then a couple days ago he found a way to bring up that he was walking around his house naked, and then sent me a nude snap. I didn’t reply and he sent back a message saying I could send him my pictures- I told him I don’t really do that without knowing a person well and he was like “well maybe after we get to know each other better?”

basically I’m just wondering what’s going through his head. He said he wanted to meet me in the first couple days of talking and hasn’t tried to ask me out or anything since. Is he just looking for a hookup/nudes/whatever? Or could he actually want something more? I’m a relationship type of girl and I just want to know if I’m wasting my time.
Why is he sending me nudes already?
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