Why have so many men stopped respecting women?

I’ve noticed in my generation (Gen Z) so many men have stopped respecting women. A lot of it resulting in my female friends becoming very liberal and turning into feminists. Lots of men have been calling guys who respect women “simps” and they think they are too good for any girl who isn’t extremely attractive and has the perfect personality while falling short of either of those things. when a girl decides to make an only fans they shame them and call them names and spew hate. Yet they go watch x rated videos on the internet of girls who get paid to do it right after. There’s so much hypocrisy with these types of guys and I know not every guy is like this but so many are becoming like this. I feel like they are being brainwashed and society is going back in time to women-bad, men-good ideology. What happened to respecting women and treating them like equal human beings?
Why have so many men stopped respecting women?
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