Guys, Does it mean what he says?

Short story, been texting with a guy for some time now. There’s definitely something between us. About a month ago something changed and the texting kinda stopped.

At some point I asked him about it and he explained that he was having a really hard time. He says he’s feeling really depressed and angry, but he won’t tell me what’s going on because he thinks (he says) it’s better for me to not know.

I said I was there for him when he needs me, and he said he needed time to get rid of his anger.

I respect that ofc, and I’m going to give him time. My question is, how long time can go by before I ask him how he’s doing? And when a guy says he needs time, does he mean that I should leave him completely alone? Or are there some other meaning to that?
Guys, Does it mean what he says?
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