Is it possible to nurture a relationship with someone who you have NO attraction to at all?

I just kind of randomly met this guy while I was at work. My coworker came to me and pleaded that I go say hi to the guy at his table who was offering a bigger tip just to talk to me because he had saw me walking around. I agreed because I wanted my coworker to get to the bag😂 lol. But when I talked with the guy he was really funny and charming and he asked me on a date right away but he was just not attractive to me whatsoever. I said we could be friends on Facebook instead of giving him my number. And he actually went and found my Facebook and sent me a friend request. We chatted a bit and he reminded me that I did agree to be friends. So we texted a little. I won’t lie, at the time that we met I was still in love with my ex who had broken my heart into bits. My ex, I used to think, was the whole package and fit everything on my checklist but he was also a liar and that’s just another story. But I couldn’t deny that my ex was charismatic, and my new friend was thus far the only guy I had ever talked to who was as silly and easygoing as my ex. Coincidentally, the new guy was also FRIENDS with my exes brother. CLOSE friends. The lack of attraction and the connection to my ex made me feel like I didn’t want to pursue anything further with this guy. I agreed to a friendship. And ever since then, we would text and we would try to hang out. But before the whole situation with Covid I was always busy working. He recently texted me after we hadn’t spoken in a while and by now I’m very much over my ex. But I still have no attraction at all for my friend. But when I talk to him I can't help but smile which most of the guys I do talk to don’t elicit from me. However, my guard is up towards my friend. He seems to have a low regard for women he doesn’t think is attractive. And while I’m not attracted to him I’m still respectful towards him. I feel like that’s a red flag.
Is it possible to nurture a relationship with someone who you have NO attraction to at all?
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