My crush has a confusing behaviour?

i like a guy and started texting him... we talked for a month or so then i asked him if he would like a relationship, he replied he has been seeing someone for a while now ( not a complete relationship though) i said oki... we can be friends and kept talking and i told him that i like him. To which he replied that he has a girlfriend and she is upset that we are talking, we should not talk often.
I was heartbroken and apologies. i confronted him and said that he invented that girlfriend thing/
he said he had nothing to justify to me.
i asked him out again after a few weeks and he said that i was not respecting his relationship.
i grew insecure and i was crushing/ falling hard for him.

i finally decided to unfriend him and block him as a coping mechanism. upon seeing this he desactivated his account and said that he was taking a break from social media.
why would he react like this? this is all confusing? please help out
My crush has a confusing behaviour?
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