My boyfriend asked me for some expensive items?

I'm just a student and have no regular income. He is working and has a steady income, but also kids whom he is spoiling rotten. I'm studying a subject which is high in demand and will no doubt give me a high income when I finish. That's a couple years away tho. My boyfriend has an average income. We were chilling on the porch and he was talking about how he would like a nicer car. He asked: when you get your high income job, would you buy me one? I went along with it and told him I certainly would if I could. Next he noticed my sunglasses, which are expensive designer brand ones. He asked if I would get him a pair of sunglasses of a certain brand name as a belated birthday present. Why is he doing this, he knows I'm just a student. Is he trying to use me as some kind of cash cow?
My boyfriend asked me for some expensive items?
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