This cannot be for real... right?

I am talking to this guy consistently now for only a couple of weeks. I met him over a year ago through social media but never thought of him romantically. We only had a few friendly conversations through text but nothing more.

He would invite me and others to certain group chats etc... but that was about it. I wasn't really active in the group chat. I haven't heard from him since like 6 months ago. He texts me out of the blue telling me that he has had feelings for me since we first met, but didn't want to say anything.

Once he told me his feelings we started to talk more. He told me that he's in love with me. I've done video chat with him so I know he is a real person but I find this very strange. I don't believe it at all because I don't feel he knows me enough to feel that way already. He even asked me to be official. I told him to slow all the way down. He said he would but he is just being honest.

What do you guys think this is all about? Should I run? Lol

This cannot be for real... right?
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